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Monday, April 21, 2008

Dawn and Dusk

As the new dawn broke by the beautiful rays of the sun purging the darkness of the night, I traveled through the recurrent roads of my city. The stunning lights of the port were still on which made me presume that our people never sleep no matter what. The travel to my destination lasted for nearly 30 mins which made me think of various facets of life all through my journey. First thing, I hate to wake up early that too 5:15 IST or less than that is little more than a encumber. Secondly, being out all alone to enjoy the beautiful morning was more enthralling than never before. I hastened to the vehicle to avoid being late on the day one of my class :), with being fully equipped with ID card, books and my mobile cum mp3 player. (Damm god I can’t live without this player though I hate its quality sometimes). The usual roads were deserted in total darkness, with all bustling shops closed. I tried a couple of times to discover what’s happening in all the 9 FM channels in the city but nothing was as interesting as the flamboyant night scenes that flashed through my eyes. End of part 1

Ah, it’s been almost two weeks since I joined the class and started off with this post!! Well, this time I don’t want to lament my indolence again. Through my journey from the stunning darkness to the tranquil sunshine, it made me reminisce of the happy yester years. Reading books, chatting with friends, unusual roaming around and a little gossip was all that needed to be happy. But even though we kept lamenting on infrastructure, studies and future that time!! Would I have never realized the value of friends telling that we would be missing college life at some point of time, until being jeopardized by dollar value depreciation in IT and inflation? Ah, life is all changed all through this year though it seem like yesterday when I bid my friends bye with hard feelings by heart. And in no time, the place around me was bright. The daylight broke in such a gentle way that nobody has really ever seen transition of darkness to light. It was such a gradual process which happened in jus minutes or probably it could have been seconds. Yup, as a GI student I could say that there is a particular time (HH:MM:SS) at which the
sun rise and sunset everyday. Attending a competitive exam class by bunking my daily errands, can or cannot make sense to some people. But that’s a different issue. But I can definitely say I give a fair attempt and try to perceive things in the world rather than being “a crow in a telegraphic wire” :D It reminded me that the beautiful scene was nature way of communicating with people. And there I headed to my class with Sanguine thoughts just like the Mother Nature’s sunrise :)

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Blogger Suganya said...

hi lav. a post after quite some time!

good to know that your day starts with watching the dawn! its one of the few moments in our life when we can feel heaven on earth and that too by the beach! Matchless!! as u pointed out its in such blissful minutes that we remember the good times we have had; friends, fun etc. Happiness begets happiness.. :-)

there are 9 FM channels in city? hmmm..

and i know u are a person who does what your heart and mind says. yes, as long as our decisions make sense to us, we need not bother what other people think. it is what we believe that matters. no compromise. :) hats off lav! great post.

my best wishes to you.

9:11 PM  
Blogger Suganya said...

ps: why dusk? :)

9:12 PM  
Blogger lavanya said...

@suganya: Thanks sugan..

After a long time this picturesque morning made me write this blog. I think it was a great combination when you are able to relate certain things while you are involved in enjoying something. Moreover from the photos, you could have seen in no time the darkness turned to light. Same way, that is applicable to life na.. Sometimes we think we are in darkness (thinking of some past moments, missing good times etc) but in no time we could be in the sunny side of life which we may fail to realise.

Well, to me I sometimes feel desolate without friends esp you but when you think of all good times we had , then distance is not an issue definitely na…!! wat say sugan ? 

10:12 PM  
Blogger Maddy said...

Wishing every journey of your life brings you happiness and joy, as the dawn that brought you so much emotions!!

12:21 PM  

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