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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Passion ~ All it takes

As I stepped out of my home, on bidding bye to my mom. I was welcomed by beautiful drizzle of soft rain drops. Didn’t felt like opening my umbrella.. Paid my wishful visit to temple (quite unusual of me) Well, I really have lost my touch of blogging these days. It has been since a year I have blogged. God only knows why I have lost my spirits of writing though being a ardent blogger long time before. I can attribute it abundant reasons like being busy, laziness and lots more. Was really going void of topic as always or probably I don want to put things for others to read.

Well for the past few days, I was trying to reminisce on where I stand. To be very frank, life hasn’t been so good. After toiling endless hours learning lots of technical junk and burning my pocket for nothing, it has all been futile. To add my gloominess, was when I was put into mainframe. I had to forfeit of what I had been through my past 4 years, living to my dreams. But I should definitely be happy for what im today as a PA for cognizant. This I’ve been refusing to accept since 3 months till now!

Here goes my story of what changed my life.. I used to be disappointed whenever my close buddy used to msg me “hey lav, howz life… celebrating work kya? “. And my reply was.. “Neither celebrating nor enjoying…Watcha life..hell here. Hey u know wat they have changed the tagline now… it is passion for making a difference” (without knowing what it means) Well, I came to know only after reading aridham Chaurdhar’s book only. What a pity of myself !!!

A remarkable say “When a IT professional goes to a cafeteria with a long face (coz of deadlines n work pressure), and orders for a coffee. Along with an aromatic cappuccino, was the extravagant smile shown by the waiter. It makes u think for a instant, how the waiter seems to be very happy always; doesn’t he have any aims or deadlines in his life like me?”. Yup, life is as simple as this. What makes the waiter smile is his passion towards his work (though everybody what waiter’s job is).Yep, everyone can’t be an entrepreneurs or CEO’s to be passionate enuf. It’s highly important that we enjoy each every moment of our life by doin things the way we like it be an associate or manager!!

I’m sure none of us would have been unsuccessful in life like Abraham Lincoln, who failed in his studies, lost his sweetheart and finally at 35 he became the president. Or a small girl who sacrificed her life right from the age of 9, to serve the poor people around her. At the last, she became to be called as the mother of the entire world, who is none other than Mother Teresa. And no mention the drop out from college, who is now ruling the world market with windows. He is Bill Gates. And Beethoven created the best music that the whole world can enjoy but he himself can’t hear since he is a deaf.

The success and the measure of happiness are all in one’s perspective. It all takes courage to even rise up from failure. This took me 3 long months to accept it, after having bombarded by Napoleon Hill (author of “The power of positive thinking”) and few good friends who were trying to convince me. So, dear buddies have dreams and work with passion, fanaticism, fervor (or whatever u call it) towards it, I bet u ll be happy like never before. Whatever you are is jus what you think you are now. So beware of ur thoughts guys. Cheers. Happy working


Blogger Suganya said...

hey lav.. dint come across ur blog for some time..
superb post d.. really very true.. it is upto us to create a passion in what ever we do. but we may find it difficult at the beginning. Then we become mature enuf and accept life. I am also in that stage now.. nice post :-)

btw i have also recently posted. needless to say to check out n comment :-)

8:22 PM  
Blogger Jaya Chithra said...

back to blogging after an year.. good to see the spirit of blogging coming back to you.
and i can very well understand that you work in Cognizant.. !! lol:)
mainframes is not all that bad. i know they are the black lords.. :-)
enjoy working..

2:23 AM  
Blogger Suganya said...

hey time u wrote a blog lavs..

12:07 AM  

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