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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

How Opal Mehta got Life..

This is story is all about A Mean Girl’s clone with a neurotic Indian-American heroine determined to get to the top. Opal Mehta`s parents are so focused on getting their daughter into Harvard that they have created a full-blown plan, complete with an acronym—HOWGIH or 'How Opal Will Get Into Harvard.' But when she goes for her on-campus interview, the dean of admissions tells her that her numerous accolades are not enough.

He wants her to delay her application and find friends, romance and fun. The Mehtas, entirely out of their element, hatch a new plan, HOWGAL, or 'How Opal Will Get A Life.' After a full-blown makeover, thousands of dollars` worth of new clothes and an absurdly organized crash course in pop culture, Opal is on her way. She becomes one of her high school`s 'it' girls, she skips class to go shopping and she even seems to be getting closer to the boy of her dreams, student council president Jeff Akel.

But, of course, popularity comes with complications, and after an electronic mishap leaves her alienated, she begins to realize that there are compromises between the two Opals—and, even better, that she`ll be able to explore them with other smart, well adjusted kids as a freshman at Harvard.

Well, though this book seems interesting when I read excerpts about it..The way it is written by a teenager.. Sounds to be a good work but unfortunately her books have been taken off from the shelves of all the stores , in all parts of the world. Some of my favorite lines would be

“After seventeen years of dreaming, I was actually here, actually at Harvard. Being so close to everything I had worked for made me feel light-headed. I quickly pulled a thermos out of my backpack and took a few sips of tea. It was lukewarm after four hours in the car, but the familiar sweet-spicy taste helped settle my stomach.”

“I mentally ran over my interview questions checklist.

"Tell me a little about yourself."

(serene smile). I'm ambitious and determined. I put one hundred and ten percent into everything I do. I don't like to be just average at anything, so I'm always pushing myself to be the best. I'm interested in a wide array of academic subjects. I also try to be environmentally and politically aware—I'm active in my school's recycling program, and in addition to reading the newspaper every day, and recycling it (polite laugh), I'm heavily involved in student government.
(haha..well u could use this for ur interviews) “

About the author:
The book, "How Opal Mehta Got Kissed, Got Wild and Got a Life," was recently published by Little, Brown to wide publicity and she received $500,000 as part of a deal for "Opal" and one other book, had seemingly plagiarized language from two novels by Megan McCafferty, an author of popular young-adult books the 2001 novel “Sloppy Firsts” and the 2003 novel “Second Helpings.”. Since she was a huge fan of the author McCaffery, she wasn’t aware of internalizing some of the phrases(29 to be exact), but she was caught copying deliberately.

This fact was known after this book was up in the stores which was supposedly #32 New York Best Seller. Though she apologized for her unintentional act, the publishers were not ready to publish and withdrawn even her second book( which is yet to pulished). Infact felt sad about this lass for she would have taken pains to write her reverie novel but was abortive. Well, this made me to write about her novel on my blog.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Mapindia rewritten?...nope written once here

Is life that weird? Recollecting the chronicle from this new year onwards..Starts with showing least importance to my pretty good blog page. Life is like this ..huhhah? or that’s the way it is..why singing now lol J Same old song singing ever since the day I heard this on Motorola..(yup little crazy or wat?). Well, this sem got over finally after 24*7 days of ass work.. From the enjoyable delhi trip to the reservoir site location…hopefully our project was a fine success. The mesmerizing voyage to the north, stunning cold weather with temperature reaching to 10 C and loitering with frds. Though cud have utilized in a more better way.. The presentation there was mind boggling and worth attending too least the patience factor. Dunno from where did I have that much patience.. hats off to u. There was much talks on google earth exceptionally to say.

The day one starts off and ends in train( dunno the train name too…forgot actually..having very poor memory these days). Had grt time playing, sleeping sometime..though ppl were screwing up each other..yup, finding it too knotty to reminisce. And the first day of loiter, went off at the TAJ MAHAL., beautiful splendid etc etc.(blaah blaah..no words to describe or wat?). It didn’t entice me much since I’ve been to place once bfre when it was awesome.. one thing it was very crowded like hell when i went with my gi buddies..i always liked places which are tranquil and serene rather than clamorous. In fact the beauty of da place was not much the same when I visited. So, had good time, teasing ppl out there esp these 4 gals..
sugan,saran, suri n sady.
Then, had a unending journey of around 6-7 hrs to delhi..good experience..but all was sleeping lol…bit boring too.. then, some temple., surely deserves a word or two..was jus like a haunted place.. dunno it’s a god’s place or wat…really got terrified(yet surprised). Something called Krishna’s place. (forgot again kya??)

And the first day at Hotel taj.. enthralling jus went thro the registration process and had a good lunch by the lawn side and 3 never ending day until our presentation finally got over…v were hanging between taj and our hostel…simply enjoyable.

Yup, im stopping with this topic of our delhi tour...regretting tat I had not exploited much use of it.. Pretty boring to talk abt this…wat is the use of jus mere entertainment??. But MAPINDIA was an eye opener, had a good experience in meeting various students around the globe , multinational enterprises (on going technologies, projects etc), faculties or celebrites (not the film stars, I mean celebrites of our field) .Such a amazing field lol…Sounding lil good na…I feel that every GI student should attend this international symposium atleast once during his/her lifetime…worth attending too

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