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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Late post of Octobre!

This was the post which was written long back before my sem exams. I jus made an attempt to demonstrate how interesting each class was….shortly before exams. Was browsing my folder and found that this wasn’t included in my blog…

Though of changing my blog skin, since it has been creating lotsa of prbms over times. But due to lack of time, have been unable to make frequent updates.. I’m happy that blogging spirit in me is back again after a long time.(haha, now again lost the spirit) Feeling relaxed and pleasant , jus like the Chennai climate.(heavy rains in Chennai, but I’ve commented that its pleasant) Well, I don think there is no specific reason for me to be cheerful ., since it always takes a reason to be sad but happiness could always be a state of mind . “When u frown, muscles are stretched but it jus takes a smile on ur face for a millions to relax “– recently overheard by BSE during his class lecture. I really liked his lecture during last class (Tuesday ) , jus bcoz it made me cheerful 4 an hr !!! The way he laughes itself makes me laugh like anything. Cant demonstrate myself ..gotta experience .
Usually most of them sleep or dream during SA class, but amazing everyone was with full of enthusiasm during his class. But a little regret is that I don know anythg abt S III.( Ah, somehow manage to complete the exam..dunno wat grade he is gonna give!!!! L)

DREAMS, are the most pleasant feeling to wonderland. well, im not talking abt night dreams, which are often unconventional and hardly can be remembered for a long . “Dream , dream , dream , transform thoughts into actions “ . (wrote this piece of line…since our BSE insisted that each one shld have a BIG dream)


Blogger geodexter said...

lav, y this sudden support n appreciation for BSE ? I too can remember that class, his last one, guess tat was one of the few class he spoke something int.

7:57 AM  
Blogger Suganya said...

at last woke up frm hibernating>?? hehe...

1:28 AM  
Blogger pavi said...

did you write octobre as a typo or a french month?

5:18 AM  

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