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Thursday, September 22, 2005


After a couple weeks, im back again to try my hand in writing my chores.. It’s difficult reminiscing the happy or sad days gone by. Yet, since I had some time off from my regular errands(attending classes, returning home late, dinner and sleep), here im seize ur attention for a while. The foremost enjoyable and unforgettable , was my trip to kerala. Seemed as if it has nothing to do with any technical knowledge , except the rocket launching. I know for I have changed to a impish gal day by day.., for having caught in the lions den. Though its was a howler, once trapped the image cannot be recreated. But had a good lesson to learn indeed! Hey, this tune sounds awesome.., a must hear for all yuvan’s fans.. he could very well compete any Hollywood music directors. Such a talented guy ! awe-inspiring.

Peeping into my last blog…wat a pity ! why have I been damm lazy to update? Cramming abt 4 assess in the rush hour, bore no fruits yet !! incomplete as never gone!!(hah ha .. good idiom, add it soon to ur 2277 list diary). Incredible in the way it fits my life’s sad stories. Oh, hell im so monotonous these days abt my plights. Anyway on my recent conversation with my next desk mate frd, sad times are really joyful than happy moments. Well, anyone can recollect those sad times more easily not as happy treasures. Happy moments are always short lived . Hey, she is so inspiring even in a casual talk.. really learning frm her !!

Yuppie.. im too philosophical. Im actually looking fwd 4 her lectures on casual talks !!(hehe she is gonna kick me out tom) I think I don have enough hard disk space to store stuff of any sorts..coz it always seems to throw MemoryOutOfIndex Exception. Last but not least , days have end deploying in 16.150. Had an insight of making new friends, deploying and teasing hand in hand . That’s was all grt fun to say… really enjoyed I mean. Sad are the days to come, where I gotta to spend my weekend vettie again as bfre yester months. Ho no,, time up, could have spend lest time in composing this post ….time up time up.. I gotta leave 4 my daily chores, watching the same idiot stuff on tv !! will get back soon

Background song(which I hummed today): “Kadhal enbadu…frm OKK” (nice tune ..a must hear 4 all music lovers) , im sure u’ll hum it 4 a week


Blogger smarthunk said...

yes ur blogs getting better and better ,so pls write as early as possible

6:10 AM  
Blogger pavi said...

Ya did install it many times.... frankly speaking I dont remember ! !!!
As I installed friends, relatives,seniors ... etc

6:35 AM  
Blogger geodexter said...

what happened pinky girl? no more pink in ur blog(except for the heartins floating)? a revolution? frankly,you are really confusing me with ur writings. u better break into paragraphs while writing.

2:04 AM  
Blogger lavanya said...

hello dexter,
i changed my pinky template, since it showed very badly on other browsers!! Well, didnt have heart to change it.. anyway,made up my mind to amend finally.

4:15 AM  
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4:41 PM  

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