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Monday, August 15, 2005

Things bygone yet reminded!

As the dawn broke past, she listened with a blush to the story narrated. Though it brought her juvenile things to the limelight, she rather felt stupid yet blissful. It goes this way --- she woke up to chirping sounds of birds flying around, beautiful morning skies. She could feel herself being pulled from her couch. She was rather insensate of being carried over by someone. They were trying to make her get ready 4 the morning damm class she hates. They persuade her by telling fake stories.., yet she dared to believe. She knows its not true yet she was inclined to consider. There is no other go 4 her. She refused to walk or gear herself. But everything proves futile
They dragged her to the coupe and pushed her off to the seat. She found that she could not getaway with this stipulation. She yelled out like hell grabbing each and everyone’s attention in his neighbourhood. It made them wonder, about the outlandish state. She tried hard to unlock the door, but it was stiff.. she cried and cried…now recollecting this instance, she overcame her phobia. my credit goes to all, who have pushed me off against this phobia!!! She smiled with gratitude