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Sunday, July 17, 2005

Of late ullam ketkumae!!

Oh…weekdays moving really fast..cudnt envisage myself in pre-final yr of my coll… things are happening so fast ..alas, if I think of my futureX that’s even more menacing!! perfectly biased until now..okay that’s a dreary topic indeed…forget it le! Hey.., this sem started with a calm interlude.. nice company around me …, some rare happenings around me.It seems as if every small happening end up in me absorbing a good lesson …accepting the reality, life . I really learnt a lot …, esp while our frds were advising one of my frd who was in crisis of taking decision… really surprised by the way each of us reacted towards it and handled it , and surely landed in guiding the right way to her. My ceggodies is a nice grp , hoping to have constant touch with them
Class going le going … very theoretical , no learning ..nothing. “all play and no work makes jack a vetti”—proverb rewritten. Thought of writing so many stuffs abt our society election, unfruitful GD, free sms etc…but bit lazy to write ….hehe. oh, finally my free msgs acct over.. im not neither happy nor sad nor regretting …haha ..can u comprehend ??if so, u r having good logical thinking ...(make ur shouts) io, my java prgm not running properly …stupid compiler ..why giving “n” errors re?? If it compiles also.., giving exception …its all coz its working in the hands of <GOOD FOR NOTHG> programmer.

Wishing u useful week ahead !!!haha


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