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Friday, July 01, 2005

First day

Yup, today first day in coll after two long months of vacations.. it was nice greeting frds after a long time …, v were put in the same as last sem., devakumar sir got crabby abt acoustics of our class room.., everything went well le..subjects Ok,, first they started to cramp with sylabus …. Except…!!!! Really im angry like hell, that’s y venting off my anger thro this blogs ! really hate ppl of that sort ya…
How bad a person feels when u r not greeted jus an HI?? Though knowing the person well …. Some people doesn’t know how to treat their frds le.. ok ma leave it !! That person not worthy after all… why am I to fume or fret for that ? non sense.. hope they shift my class room as early as possible … im waiting God. Jus hate that le !!!! anyway two days hoping for peace ,, Monday let me be better off with my classroom location
Happy weekend le ….cheers be happy ….haha trying to console myself (how funny!!). wat stupid thing ., im happy only le .. wat consolations etc …iam always the same .. Gud . cherie is looking good today(thx sugan 4 the name).. ho, my cherie got hurt while playing !!! lurve u cherie ...Good night le and cherie


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