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Sunday, June 26, 2005

Escapade 1

Holidays are never fun without adventuring out… last month was a bit boring since I had to wait endlessly for my classes to begin… but I had to accompany my dad or grandfather to office was a painfully task 4 me yet enjoyful. Having long drives on 100ft road ,speeding at 80km/hr was really grt experience… well, nobody was afraid by the way i drive expect my mom .(ooops ,she hates overspeeding) . Going to office was little fun, coz I got many perks so far , as an IT consultant awaits 4 perks every month frm his CEO.
Then unusual morning walks for abt 1hr …thought it was painful getting out of my couch. More painful task to kill time was to watch movies on DVD , (still got to watch the last part of movie “THE PERFECT STORM”)…nice story but void of time as of now!!!
This month esp frm 15 july , le class going perfect ,,jus cant believe my eyes …(wonderful) dunno where iam standing!! Still got lots of programs to do,, feel like void of time ….im not using it effectively properly…

Rest to be continued


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