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Saturday, May 14, 2005

It's saturday tonite!

Yup, today the day was much fine than yest..coz I did everythg wat I want..esp long hrs of browsing net,,chking mails,reading junk mails, and lots of stuffs,sending reply to my class grps(nice way to keep in touch naa?)…but everytime it wudnt b the same.., kinda little happy may b to say …thts lovely…ths my logo.” LAVANYA-The lazy gud 4 nothg “..hey this title sounds gud,,yuppie.
Thought of reading syndey Sheldon ,but too lazy …ths y im here 2 blog…tom I hve resolved to cook somethg appetizing ,hmmm. But nobody wudnt eat….y take trial?? So no work tom,,as usual….but gotta learn some aptitude questions…and design my webpage.hope it works out as i thought.
Now its Saturday …time to party….,,im gonna party alone tonite….wanna join??