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Monday, April 21, 2008

Dawn and Dusk

As the new dawn broke by the beautiful rays of the sun purging the darkness of the night, I traveled through the recurrent roads of my city. The stunning lights of the port were still on which made me presume that our people never sleep no matter what. The travel to my destination lasted for nearly 30 mins which made me think of various facets of life all through my journey. First thing, I hate to wake up early that too 5:15 IST or less than that is little more than a encumber. Secondly, being out all alone to enjoy the beautiful morning was more enthralling than never before. I hastened to the vehicle to avoid being late on the day one of my class :), with being fully equipped with ID card, books and my mobile cum mp3 player. (Damm god I can’t live without this player though I hate its quality sometimes). The usual roads were deserted in total darkness, with all bustling shops closed. I tried a couple of times to discover what’s happening in all the 9 FM channels in the city but nothing was as interesting as the flamboyant night scenes that flashed through my eyes. End of part 1

Ah, it’s been almost two weeks since I joined the class and started off with this post!! Well, this time I don’t want to lament my indolence again. Through my journey from the stunning darkness to the tranquil sunshine, it made me reminisce of the happy yester years. Reading books, chatting with friends, unusual roaming around and a little gossip was all that needed to be happy. But even though we kept lamenting on infrastructure, studies and future that time!! Would I have never realized the value of friends telling that we would be missing college life at some point of time, until being jeopardized by dollar value depreciation in IT and inflation? Ah, life is all changed all through this year though it seem like yesterday when I bid my friends bye with hard feelings by heart. And in no time, the place around me was bright. The daylight broke in such a gentle way that nobody has really ever seen transition of darkness to light. It was such a gradual process which happened in jus minutes or probably it could have been seconds. Yup, as a GI student I could say that there is a particular time (HH:MM:SS) at which the
sun rise and sunset everyday. Attending a competitive exam class by bunking my daily errands, can or cannot make sense to some people. But that’s a different issue. But I can definitely say I give a fair attempt and try to perceive things in the world rather than being “a crow in a telegraphic wire” :D It reminded me that the beautiful scene was nature way of communicating with people. And there I headed to my class with Sanguine thoughts just like the Mother Nature’s sunrise :)

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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Passion ~ All it takes

As I stepped out of my home, on bidding bye to my mom. I was welcomed by beautiful drizzle of soft rain drops. Didn’t felt like opening my umbrella.. Paid my wishful visit to temple (quite unusual of me) Well, I really have lost my touch of blogging these days. It has been since a year I have blogged. God only knows why I have lost my spirits of writing though being a ardent blogger long time before. I can attribute it abundant reasons like being busy, laziness and lots more. Was really going void of topic as always or probably I don want to put things for others to read.

Well for the past few days, I was trying to reminisce on where I stand. To be very frank, life hasn’t been so good. After toiling endless hours learning lots of technical junk and burning my pocket for nothing, it has all been futile. To add my gloominess, was when I was put into mainframe. I had to forfeit of what I had been through my past 4 years, living to my dreams. But I should definitely be happy for what im today as a PA for cognizant. This I’ve been refusing to accept since 3 months till now!

Here goes my story of what changed my life.. I used to be disappointed whenever my close buddy used to msg me “hey lav, howz life… celebrating work kya? “. And my reply was.. “Neither celebrating nor enjoying…Watcha life..hell here. Hey u know wat they have changed the tagline now… it is passion for making a difference” (without knowing what it means) Well, I came to know only after reading aridham Chaurdhar’s book only. What a pity of myself !!!

A remarkable say “When a IT professional goes to a cafeteria with a long face (coz of deadlines n work pressure), and orders for a coffee. Along with an aromatic cappuccino, was the extravagant smile shown by the waiter. It makes u think for a instant, how the waiter seems to be very happy always; doesn’t he have any aims or deadlines in his life like me?”. Yup, life is as simple as this. What makes the waiter smile is his passion towards his work (though everybody what waiter’s job is).Yep, everyone can’t be an entrepreneurs or CEO’s to be passionate enuf. It’s highly important that we enjoy each every moment of our life by doin things the way we like it be an associate or manager!!

I’m sure none of us would have been unsuccessful in life like Abraham Lincoln, who failed in his studies, lost his sweetheart and finally at 35 he became the president. Or a small girl who sacrificed her life right from the age of 9, to serve the poor people around her. At the last, she became to be called as the mother of the entire world, who is none other than Mother Teresa. And no mention the drop out from college, who is now ruling the world market with windows. He is Bill Gates. And Beethoven created the best music that the whole world can enjoy but he himself can’t hear since he is a deaf.

The success and the measure of happiness are all in one’s perspective. It all takes courage to even rise up from failure. This took me 3 long months to accept it, after having bombarded by Napoleon Hill (author of “The power of positive thinking”) and few good friends who were trying to convince me. So, dear buddies have dreams and work with passion, fanaticism, fervor (or whatever u call it) towards it, I bet u ll be happy like never before. Whatever you are is jus what you think you are now. So beware of ur thoughts guys. Cheers. Happy working

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The Two pretty gurls

My day started with small chidings
To my closest pal, for having not wished on time
Apart from sms wishes, 2 gals called
Gave me colossal delight!!!
And my morning late rise by 8 past 15 mins,
With sipping my tea, ran to the doorbell,
Was traumatized until the delivery man,
Announced u both gals name!!!
Cannot stop wondering who's,
Gonna send me fleurs!!! Hehehe

Pretty, exquisite, beautiful fleurs on earth,
Given by two beautiful ppl…hehe
Their unique selection of my color,
Felt as if a huge propulsion engine,
Drove me right up into the sky.
And the combination of pink and white..
Was a brilliant choice.. no words to describe it
Couldn’t take my eyes off from it!

Well, it did remind me a lot abt u!! (its 4 willie)
The times v have squandered together,
From all..and thro everything in this 3 yrs.
Always willing to lend an ear,
Thro good and bad times willie!
And yuppie.. of all the common things v share
While roaming together..
Confer with each others choice and amendable

Having known u well for a couple of months (ref to lovie)
Sharing the memoirs in adversity,
Pranking to the heart content,
Yet bore lot of similarity to my color…hehehe
Is it only color??
She turned out to be yet another trusted frd,
Which made me regret for
Not having known u since yesteryears.

Well, our circle of frdship have grown,
That v form the “Rang de Basanthi” gang
Hey, u have made my day great,
Not only with fleurs but also
With ur unconditional love!!!

Note: Inspirated by these gals, which actually made me to write a post after very very long span of time.., which broke my indolence
Time spend: 1.5 hrs (in 2 days)

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

How Opal Mehta got Life..

This is story is all about A Mean Girl’s clone with a neurotic Indian-American heroine determined to get to the top. Opal Mehta`s parents are so focused on getting their daughter into Harvard that they have created a full-blown plan, complete with an acronym—HOWGIH or 'How Opal Will Get Into Harvard.' But when she goes for her on-campus interview, the dean of admissions tells her that her numerous accolades are not enough.

He wants her to delay her application and find friends, romance and fun. The Mehtas, entirely out of their element, hatch a new plan, HOWGAL, or 'How Opal Will Get A Life.' After a full-blown makeover, thousands of dollars` worth of new clothes and an absurdly organized crash course in pop culture, Opal is on her way. She becomes one of her high school`s 'it' girls, she skips class to go shopping and she even seems to be getting closer to the boy of her dreams, student council president Jeff Akel.

But, of course, popularity comes with complications, and after an electronic mishap leaves her alienated, she begins to realize that there are compromises between the two Opals—and, even better, that she`ll be able to explore them with other smart, well adjusted kids as a freshman at Harvard.

Well, though this book seems interesting when I read excerpts about it..The way it is written by a teenager.. Sounds to be a good work but unfortunately her books have been taken off from the shelves of all the stores , in all parts of the world. Some of my favorite lines would be

“After seventeen years of dreaming, I was actually here, actually at Harvard. Being so close to everything I had worked for made me feel light-headed. I quickly pulled a thermos out of my backpack and took a few sips of tea. It was lukewarm after four hours in the car, but the familiar sweet-spicy taste helped settle my stomach.”

“I mentally ran over my interview questions checklist.

"Tell me a little about yourself."

(serene smile). I'm ambitious and determined. I put one hundred and ten percent into everything I do. I don't like to be just average at anything, so I'm always pushing myself to be the best. I'm interested in a wide array of academic subjects. I also try to be environmentally and politically aware—I'm active in my school's recycling program, and in addition to reading the newspaper every day, and recycling it (polite laugh), I'm heavily involved in student government.
(haha..well u could use this for ur interviews) “

About the author:
The book, "How Opal Mehta Got Kissed, Got Wild and Got a Life," was recently published by Little, Brown to wide publicity and she received $500,000 as part of a deal for "Opal" and one other book, had seemingly plagiarized language from two novels by Megan McCafferty, an author of popular young-adult books the 2001 novel “Sloppy Firsts” and the 2003 novel “Second Helpings.”. Since she was a huge fan of the author McCaffery, she wasn’t aware of internalizing some of the phrases(29 to be exact), but she was caught copying deliberately.

This fact was known after this book was up in the stores which was supposedly #32 New York Best Seller. Though she apologized for her unintentional act, the publishers were not ready to publish and withdrawn even her second book( which is yet to pulished). Infact felt sad about this lass for she would have taken pains to write her reverie novel but was abortive. Well, this made me to write about her novel on my blog.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Mapindia rewritten?...nope written once here

Is life that weird? Recollecting the chronicle from this new year onwards..Starts with showing least importance to my pretty good blog page. Life is like this ..huhhah? or that’s the way it is..why singing now lol J Same old song singing ever since the day I heard this on Motorola..(yup little crazy or wat?). Well, this sem got over finally after 24*7 days of ass work.. From the enjoyable delhi trip to the reservoir site location…hopefully our project was a fine success. The mesmerizing voyage to the north, stunning cold weather with temperature reaching to 10 C and loitering with frds. Though cud have utilized in a more better way.. The presentation there was mind boggling and worth attending too least the patience factor. Dunno from where did I have that much patience.. hats off to u. There was much talks on google earth exceptionally to say.

The day one starts off and ends in train( dunno the train name too…forgot actually..having very poor memory these days). Had grt time playing, sleeping sometime..though ppl were screwing up each other..yup, finding it too knotty to reminisce. And the first day of loiter, went off at the TAJ MAHAL., beautiful splendid etc etc.(blaah blaah..no words to describe or wat?). It didn’t entice me much since I’ve been to place once bfre when it was awesome.. one thing it was very crowded like hell when i went with my gi buddies..i always liked places which are tranquil and serene rather than clamorous. In fact the beauty of da place was not much the same when I visited. So, had good time, teasing ppl out there esp these 4 gals..
sugan,saran, suri n sady.
Then, had a unending journey of around 6-7 hrs to delhi..good experience..but all was sleeping lol…bit boring too.. then, some temple., surely deserves a word or two..was jus like a haunted place.. dunno it’s a god’s place or wat…really got terrified(yet surprised). Something called Krishna’s place. (forgot again kya??)

And the first day at Hotel taj.. enthralling jus went thro the registration process and had a good lunch by the lawn side and 3 never ending day until our presentation finally got over…v were hanging between taj and our hostel…simply enjoyable.

Yup, im stopping with this topic of our delhi tour...regretting tat I had not exploited much use of it.. Pretty boring to talk abt this…wat is the use of jus mere entertainment??. But MAPINDIA was an eye opener, had a good experience in meeting various students around the globe , multinational enterprises (on going technologies, projects etc), faculties or celebrites (not the film stars, I mean celebrites of our field) .Such a amazing field lol…Sounding lil good na…I feel that every GI student should attend this international symposium atleast once during his/her lifetime…worth attending too

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Sunday, December 18, 2005

A travel through..

I was walking slowly towards the stop, in itinerant thoughts as usual. Thoughts of my uncompleted works, made me quite solicitous. After a few minutes came my bus, at a roaring speed. Didn’t make any attempt to get the ticket even, I started off to read the situations in US..a tug of war over the presidential election between Zach Herney and Senator Sexton.

Onboard the Charlotte, Rachel Sexton who came to know the truth about the Meteorite was trying in vain to stop the video conferencing at the White House. She tells the chores to Tench, but she hangs up the call. Herney makes public informal of the major truth that NASA has discovered recently… though people were unaware of this fact. The Meteorite proves the presence of extra terrestrial life, being confirmed by the top civilian scientists and astro-geologists. But Rachel and all others(inc Mike & Corke) believes it to be a counterfeit.

This part was really interesting.. very shocking scientific theory in fact. I was trying to keep pace with the words on my book, but the untamed turnings of the bus , make me sick. The driver though looked calm, but the way he rode the vehicle made me to recollect the scene of the Knight bus.

Jus like how Harry carried his wand and got into the Knight bus to reach the Leaky Cauldron( a pub from where he would go to Hogwards) , I stepped into my bus(though much similar to Knight bus) to reach ma maison. When the conductor asked me 4 tickets, was much similar to Stan Shunpike. This bus also seemed to be an emergency one like KB for the people to reach their destinations hastily and outrageously. Well, none introduced me the driver of course, unlike the warm intro of Ernie Prang. The way he made a sudden halt when a old person rode in front of the bus, made a sudden jerk. I could very vividly picturise. When the KB was approaching two bus in da front, it made itself squeeze flat to pass thro it. Fascinating isn’t it?? Though didn’t realize the enthrallment at the beginning, since I was occupied reading the scenario in White House. Alas, a ride in local bus made a terrific effect like the one in Knight Bus !!!!

Courtesy Books : Deception point , Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban
Background songs: Warriors of peace –Chinese Version (from Harmonica list) and
Manniliyee nanaiyuthu( Mazhai)

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Late post of Octobre!

This was the post which was written long back before my sem exams. I jus made an attempt to demonstrate how interesting each class was….shortly before exams. Was browsing my folder and found that this wasn’t included in my blog…

Though of changing my blog skin, since it has been creating lotsa of prbms over times. But due to lack of time, have been unable to make frequent updates.. I’m happy that blogging spirit in me is back again after a long time.(haha, now again lost the spirit) Feeling relaxed and pleasant , jus like the Chennai climate.(heavy rains in Chennai, but I’ve commented that its pleasant) Well, I don think there is no specific reason for me to be cheerful ., since it always takes a reason to be sad but happiness could always be a state of mind . “When u frown, muscles are stretched but it jus takes a smile on ur face for a millions to relax “– recently overheard by BSE during his class lecture. I really liked his lecture during last class (Tuesday ) , jus bcoz it made me cheerful 4 an hr !!! The way he laughes itself makes me laugh like anything. Cant demonstrate myself ..gotta experience .
Usually most of them sleep or dream during SA class, but amazing everyone was with full of enthusiasm during his class. But a little regret is that I don know anythg abt S III.( Ah, somehow manage to complete the exam..dunno wat grade he is gonna give!!!! L)

DREAMS, are the most pleasant feeling to wonderland. well, im not talking abt night dreams, which are often unconventional and hardly can be remembered for a long . “Dream , dream , dream , transform thoughts into actions “ . (wrote this piece of line…since our BSE insisted that each one shld have a BIG dream)

Thursday, September 22, 2005


After a couple weeks, im back again to try my hand in writing my chores.. It’s difficult reminiscing the happy or sad days gone by. Yet, since I had some time off from my regular errands(attending classes, returning home late, dinner and sleep), here im seize ur attention for a while. The foremost enjoyable and unforgettable , was my trip to kerala. Seemed as if it has nothing to do with any technical knowledge , except the rocket launching. I know for I have changed to a impish gal day by day.., for having caught in the lions den. Though its was a howler, once trapped the image cannot be recreated. But had a good lesson to learn indeed! Hey, this tune sounds awesome.., a must hear for all yuvan’s fans.. he could very well compete any Hollywood music directors. Such a talented guy ! awe-inspiring.

Peeping into my last blog…wat a pity ! why have I been damm lazy to update? Cramming abt 4 assess in the rush hour, bore no fruits yet !! incomplete as never gone!!(hah ha .. good idiom, add it soon to ur 2277 list diary). Incredible in the way it fits my life’s sad stories. Oh, hell im so monotonous these days abt my plights. Anyway on my recent conversation with my next desk mate frd, sad times are really joyful than happy moments. Well, anyone can recollect those sad times more easily not as happy treasures. Happy moments are always short lived . Hey, she is so inspiring even in a casual talk.. really learning frm her !!

Yuppie.. im too philosophical. Im actually looking fwd 4 her lectures on casual talks !!(hehe she is gonna kick me out tom) I think I don have enough hard disk space to store stuff of any sorts..coz it always seems to throw MemoryOutOfIndex Exception. Last but not least , days have end deploying in 16.150. Had an insight of making new friends, deploying and teasing hand in hand . That’s was all grt fun to say… really enjoyed I mean. Sad are the days to come, where I gotta to spend my weekend vettie again as bfre yester months. Ho no,, time up, could have spend lest time in composing this post ….time up time up.. I gotta leave 4 my daily chores, watching the same idiot stuff on tv !! will get back soon

Background song(which I hummed today): “Kadhal enbadu…frm OKK” (nice tune ..a must hear 4 all music lovers) , im sure u’ll hum it 4 a week

Monday, August 15, 2005

Things bygone yet reminded!

As the dawn broke past, she listened with a blush to the story narrated. Though it brought her juvenile things to the limelight, she rather felt stupid yet blissful. It goes this way --- she woke up to chirping sounds of birds flying around, beautiful morning skies. She could feel herself being pulled from her couch. She was rather insensate of being carried over by someone. They were trying to make her get ready 4 the morning damm class she hates. They persuade her by telling fake stories.., yet she dared to believe. She knows its not true yet she was inclined to consider. There is no other go 4 her. She refused to walk or gear herself. But everything proves futile
They dragged her to the coupe and pushed her off to the seat. She found that she could not getaway with this stipulation. She yelled out like hell grabbing each and everyone’s attention in his neighbourhood. It made them wonder, about the outlandish state. She tried hard to unlock the door, but it was stiff.. she cried and cried…now recollecting this instance, she overcame her phobia. my credit goes to all, who have pushed me off against this phobia!!! She smiled with gratitude

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Of late ullam ketkumae!!

Oh…weekdays moving really fast..cudnt envisage myself in pre-final yr of my coll… things are happening so fast ..alas, if I think of my futureX that’s even more menacing!! perfectly biased until now..okay that’s a dreary topic indeed…forget it le! Hey.., this sem started with a calm interlude.. nice company around me …, some rare happenings around me.It seems as if every small happening end up in me absorbing a good lesson …accepting the reality, life . I really learnt a lot …, esp while our frds were advising one of my frd who was in crisis of taking decision… really surprised by the way each of us reacted towards it and handled it , and surely landed in guiding the right way to her. My ceggodies is a nice grp , hoping to have constant touch with them
Class going le going … very theoretical , no learning ..nothing. “all play and no work makes jack a vetti”—proverb rewritten. Thought of writing so many stuffs abt our society election, unfruitful GD, free sms etc…but bit lazy to write ….hehe. oh, finally my free msgs acct over.. im not neither happy nor sad nor regretting …haha ..can u comprehend ??if so, u r having good logical thinking ...(make ur shouts) io, my java prgm not running properly …stupid compiler ..why giving “n” errors re?? If it compiles also.., giving exception …its all coz its working in the hands of <GOOD FOR NOTHG> programmer.

Wishing u useful week ahead !!!haha

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Random thoughts

"Have you ever been in love? Horrible isn't it? It makes you so vulnerable. It opens your chest and it opens up your heart and it means that someone can get inside you and mess you up. You build up all these defenses, you build up a whole suit of armor, so that nothing can hurt you, then one stupid person, no different from any other stupid person, wanders into your stupid life...You give them a piece of you. They didn't ask for it. They did something dumb one day, like kiss you or smile at you, and then your life isn't your own anymore. Love takes hostages. It gets inside you. It eats you out and leaves you crying in the darkness, so simple a phrase like 'maybe we should be just friends' turns into a glass splinter working its way into your heart. It hurts. Not just in the imagination. Not just in the mind. It's a soul-hurt, a real gets-inside-you-and-rips-you-apart pain. I hate love."- Neil Gaiman quotes

quote for the day:
"He who controls others may be powerful, but he who has mastered himself is mightier still."
song for the day:
chill out watcha yelling for ...lay back all ve done bfre---avril

Friday, July 01, 2005

First day

Yup, today first day in coll after two long months of vacations.. it was nice greeting frds after a long time …, v were put in the same as last sem., devakumar sir got crabby abt acoustics of our class room.., everything went well le..subjects Ok,, first they started to cramp with sylabus …. Except…!!!! Really im angry like hell, that’s y venting off my anger thro this blogs ! really hate ppl of that sort ya…
How bad a person feels when u r not greeted jus an HI?? Though knowing the person well …. Some people doesn’t know how to treat their frds le.. ok ma leave it !! That person not worthy after all… why am I to fume or fret for that ? non sense.. hope they shift my class room as early as possible … im waiting God. Jus hate that le !!!! anyway two days hoping for peace ,, Monday let me be better off with my classroom location
Happy weekend le ….cheers be happy ….haha trying to console myself (how funny!!). wat stupid thing ., im happy only le .. wat consolations etc …iam always the same .. Gud . cherie is looking good today(thx sugan 4 the name).. ho, my cherie got hurt while playing !!! lurve u cherie ...Good night le and cherie

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Escapade 1

Holidays are never fun without adventuring out… last month was a bit boring since I had to wait endlessly for my classes to begin… but I had to accompany my dad or grandfather to office was a painfully task 4 me yet enjoyful. Having long drives on 100ft road ,speeding at 80km/hr was really grt experience… well, nobody was afraid by the way i drive expect my mom .(ooops ,she hates overspeeding) . Going to office was little fun, coz I got many perks so far , as an IT consultant awaits 4 perks every month frm his CEO.
Then unusual morning walks for abt 1hr …thought it was painful getting out of my couch. More painful task to kill time was to watch movies on DVD , (still got to watch the last part of movie “THE PERFECT STORM”)…nice story but void of time as of now!!!
This month esp frm 15 july , le class going perfect ,,jus cant believe my eyes …(wonderful) dunno where iam standing!! Still got lots of programs to do,, feel like void of time ….im not using it effectively properly…

Rest to be continued

Saturday, May 14, 2005

It's saturday tonite!

Yup, today the day was much fine than yest..coz I did everythg wat I want..esp long hrs of browsing net,,chking mails,reading junk mails, and lots of stuffs,sending reply to my class grps(nice way to keep in touch naa?)…but everytime it wudnt b the same.., kinda little happy may b to say …thts lovely…ths my logo.” LAVANYA-The lazy gud 4 nothg “..hey this title sounds gud,,yuppie.
Thought of reading syndey Sheldon ,but too lazy …ths y im here 2 blog…tom I hve resolved to cook somethg appetizing ,hmmm. But nobody wudnt eat….y take trial?? So no work tom,,as usual….but gotta learn some aptitude questions…and design my webpage.hope it works out as i thought.
Now its Saturday …time to party….,,im gonna party alone tonite….wanna join??

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

A bad dream!

I woke to anguish tremor of my mind….thinking abt a person who means somethg(least importance)..though did I have a soft corner. But the trance, showed the real picture. Never could I forget tht …miserable for a small heart to be wrecked into pieces. yearning for good is always there, though bad overwhelms ….. I hate the dream I had ,though some sort of reality exists. That’s esoteric but factual.i hate it. I hate u